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Control your emotions

We are in our second lockdown, which must be incredibly tough for people all over the country.

There is so much fear, anger, frustration and confusion. These are all negative emotions and can make you unwell. When you hold onto the negative emotions, they are stored in your gut causing you to clench up and feel anxious, as a result, your digestive system reacts to hormones and you experience nausea and diarrhoea. Holding on to negative emotions also causes cravings for alcohol and sugar, you may find you binge on the foods and then feel guilty after having them. These are cycles that you can change, but first, you must change your emotions and the best way to do this is to become aware of them.

The lockdown should teach that as humans we must slow down and start changing our perspective on the events of today. How are you viewing the events of today? Are you living in fear? Slow down enough to watch your fear and then ask yourself, “Why am I afraid and what is it I am afraid of?” Write it down and then read it back to yourself. This is an empowering exercise that can help you to answer these questions. Are you afraid of what you are hearing? Is the media making you afraid? How can you be sure that the information you are receiving is the truth?

This is where the power of you comes in. By slowing down enough to ask these questions, you are giving yourself the power to be able to start making decisions that best serve you, based on the answers you reply to yourself.

I believe that now is the time for change. Start by changing how you want your life to play out. Let go of those negative emotions, and bring in love, joy, passion and peace into your life.

I promise you that, if you are feeling negative and low, simply acknowledge that this is how you are feeling and then start thinking about all the amazing loving things in your life. It might be your children, your grandchildren, your partner, your best friend, maybe it’s a holiday memory, your wedding day – it doesn’t matter, if the thoughts bring you love and joy, then instantly you can change your thought process and start to feel better again.

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