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Five lessons the year 2020 should have taught you

Never stop learning

Here are the five lessons the year 2020 should have taught you. The year 2020 is certainly going to be a year that many of you remember. It has been extraordinary in so many ways and each one of you has learned something about yourselves, and about the world in which you live. As we start a new year, many of you are wondering about what the future holds, darker days are coming, so what can you learn from 2020 to help you get through the events to come?

  1. There are so many aspects of your health and the health of others that this year should have taught you. Your health is everything and without it you are nothing. Humans have become a race who live their lives poorly caused primarily by diet and lifestyle. The food which you are putting inside you and your activity levels are a game-changer to whether you are healthy or not. Having difficulty accessing health systems also brings awareness to health, are there other ways that you can manage your symptoms without the use of conventional medicine? If you are not asking these questions, then you absolutely should be. It is up to you to manifest and create your best health. The information is there, everyone has access to it.
  2. Spiritual growth. Lockdowns have pushed families together, and families apart. For those of you who have been furloughed or are working from home, you would have been put into an intensive environment of having all of your family, children and all, under one roof for some time. These times of being paid to be with your family you should have taken the greatest advantage of. It can be difficult to adjust to such a change, but by slowing down and becoming present, it helps to see the beauty within everything and gain an appreciation of your family, especially your children. Seeing the world through the eyes of your children can help you to change your perspective in your own life. For years, the human race has been slaves, working tirelessly to pay the bills, keep food on the table, and your children clothed. Everyone should embrace lockdowns with an open heart, because you may never get this chance again to spend this amount of time with your family. If you are on your own, then lockdowns can be challenging, but it’s important to use this time to discover yourself and what you truly want from your life. You have the opportunity to create a better life for yourself and you should use lockdowns to read more, take up a hobby, get fit and healthy, anything that brings positivity to your life. If you do not look at lockdowns as a positive, then they will destroy your life.
  3. 2020 has been a year for challenging beliefs. People’s beliefs can also get in the way of relationships. This year has changed relationships from embracement with others to people becoming afraid of each other and a lack of contact with each other. The world is divided and there is no right or wrong answer. We are all entitled to opinions and we are all entitled to our beliefs. Ego often gets in the way and therefore it can make it difficult to live or have relations with those who have different beliefs. Many people are starting to realise that having certain relations in their lives is not positive and the challenge of beliefs has forced them apart. In many instances, this is a good thing. Change is always good and allows for new people and new opportunities to enter your life.
  4. Have you been happy in your career? Working from home and having less travel has awoken people to think if the career they are doing fulfilling enough for them. The slavery of humans has resulted in immense pressure on people to survive. The need for work has meant people spending many hours in a week working a job they don’t necessarily enjoy, coupled with extended travel to and from work with some people travelling up to 3-4 hours a day, all to pay the bills and afford a certain type of lifestyle. Having to work from home has brought about awareness of their lives, how much they’ve missed spending time at home, time with the family, and having the opportunity to do something they may not have done before. Now is a great time to start considering your career and asking yourself if the career you are doing is something that you want to continue with. If not, then retrain and do something else.
  5. This year should have taught you great gratitude. Being grateful for your life is paramount. Until you are six feet under, you should appreciate everything you have; the food on your table, the air that you breathe, the roof over your head. And, even if you have none or only one of those things, you must always show gratitude. Gratitude for all brings great peace and the ability to be able to change your future. It is true that when you think you have nothing you have everything to gain; a clean slate to start fresh in your life. This is extremely important if you have gone through a year of “losing everything.” Some people may have lost loved ones, jobs, businesses, and more, but to be grateful for the opportunity and also for your experiences can help you to bring a new, better, and improved life.

Everything in 2020, and beyond is about perspective. It is so important to have a good perspective in your life right now. When you stop focusing on the small things in your life and start considering the bigger picture, you can gain a great perspective on your life and all that exists around you.

Now, has never been a more important time to find peace within yourself. When you are at peace with yourself it is easier to find love for yourself, which in turn helps you to find love for others. Be true to yourself, trust your judgment, and open your heart, because the most empowering way you can enter 2021 and deal with the events to come is to keep shining your light, and loving more.