Boil and Broth is a British bone broth manufacturer and producer of fermented drinks including water kefir juice and apple cider vinegar. Our apple cider vinegar is produced using apples from our own orchard. We are the only UK bone broth manufacturer to hold a dual license to produce and sell our bone broth for human and pet consumption.

About Us

Boil and Broth was founded back in March 2018 by Rachel Down. She started the business from one slow cooker in her house making bone broth and kefir water for friends and family. Rachel had recently transformed her health after suffering for 3 years from Candida overgrowth, a condition she developed after the birth of her two children. Rachel was unable to find support from conventional medicine, so researched gut health and that was when she discovered bone broth. Since reversing her health condition, Rachel has been on a mission to support other people with their health challenges. This has now extended into the pet industry where Boil and Broth are now becoming globally recognised.

Our Story

Rachel started to organically grow the business at home whilst looking after her two small children aged 2 and 3, whilst her husband Simon went to work to support the family. The business was quickly growing after an increase in demand for the products, so Rachel set up a website and started to ship products all over the UK.


Boil and Broth became the first UK bone broth manufacturer to obtain a dual license to produce bone broth for pets and for humans. Using the same recipe and the same ingredients, Boil and Broth extended their range into the pet food industry.

Boil and Broth’s business grew by 200% overnight when the pandemic hit the UK, as people desperately explored ways to improve their immune system and support their gut health. This further advanced our business in the health space.

The pet industry exploded for Boil and Broth. Our stockist and customer base grew from 3 stores in the UK to 80 by the end of 2021. It was at this time that Rachel became concerned about the rising costs of the business and the inability to be able to ship frozen goods to end customers in Europe. She then innovated the bone broth into a powder by dehydrating the broth. A new process which includes drying the broth to remove the water.
EARLY 2022

Boil and Broth’s dehydrated bone broth range went viral thanks to support from some highly respected vets here in the UK, forcing the business to move from their family home to a factory. This hugely exciting time enabled Simon, Rachel’s husband to join the team and expand our family business.
LATE 2022

Boil and Broth launched more dehydrated bone broth flavours and are now actively selling these all over the UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Dubai with further locations coming soon.

Boil and Broth are on a mission to ensure that millions of homes have their bone broth stocked in customers cupboards all over the world.

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