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Why you should be having British Broth Company products

Why you should be having British Broth Company products

Since I first started Boil and Broth, I wanted to help people find wellness again. The products I made for myself helped to transform my health. The focus was, and has been since, my gut health. Now when I am unwell, I ask myself what’s going on in my gut and how can I give my immune system a boost. The products we make are always our go-to foods for when any of us are feeling unwell. Our products do different things, so that’s why it’s important to understand their function.

  1. Bone broth is renowned for inflammation reduction. Chicken broth has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, so it is our recommendation if you are battling with an acute illness.Broths in general contain amino acids extracted from the bones, these amino acids can support different functions in your body. For example, chondroitin and glucosamine are two of the amino acids found in bone broth. It is widely known that these two amino acids support joint and ligament health. This is particularly important to understand when you are suffering from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and any other auto-immune disease that attacks the joint functions of your body. Other proteins in the broth such as glycine can also assist in inflammation reduction [1]
  2. Water kefir juice. Essentially this drink is the same as your milk kefir products. Milk kefir uses the sugars in milk to ferment, whereas water kefir juice uses sugars that are added to the water and kefir grains for fermentation. Both these products produce CO2 and natural bacteria; species known to be beneficial to gut health. In your gut lies 70% of your immune system. These bacteria work with other microbes and organisms to communicate about the general running of the immune system. If there are too many harmful bacteria, then these will kill of beneficial bacteria causing an imbalance to the gut microbiome, having a direct impact on your immune system. Therefore, focusing on building up your beneficial gut microbes and then growing them, can improve your overall health. You can do this simply by including fermented foods and drinks in your diet. Our kefir water is a great option when you are reducing dairy in your diet. It’s a delicious drink and low in sugar (the sugar is broken down to produce CO2, so it’s naturally carbonated).
  3. We are an authorised reseller for Lindens Supplements. We champion their brand, because they are UK based and offer a great range of supplements that work well. During the Winter months it’s a great idea to take vitamin D. Most people in the UK have a vitamin D deficiency, so supplementing through Winter and Spring is important. We also sell a mega strength vitamin C. This supplement is great for an immune boost. Head to our supplements section to see what other supplements we are offering and why.
  4. We know that getting into the swing of new habits can be challenging. This is why we have created diets written especially to help support a low carb diet, along with using our products.
  5. Pet range. We offer a full range of the same products available for dogs, and cats. All these products (except the supplements) can be used on your cats and dogs. The anatomy of dogs and cats are very similar to ours, and have similar functionality. This is why we recommend our products to your pet members too. It’s great for all the family and when we produce our products it’s the same recipe for everyone. Yes I know, sounds crazy but everything we produce is food safe for everyone in the family.

For more information about our products, head to the shop and choose from our range to learn more about them.

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