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Best foods and supplements for colds and flu

Best foods and supplements for colds and flu

Viruses and bacterial infections are rampant throughout the UK and the world. Many people who we speak to are either suffering from colds, flu and other diseases. It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you are not getting better either, especially when you cannot afford to take time off from work. This can slow down your recovery, as the best medicine to beat illnesses is to rest.

In our house, when we are unwell we have some go-to foods and supplements to help support our immune system and give us the opportunity to get back on our feet as soon as possible.

Here’s the list of what we do:

Colds, Flu, and COVID

  • Vitamin C boost. We use the supplements from Lindens and we sell these on the website. Make sure you take 1 x vitamin C tablet per day. Also, include oranges in your diet for a short while. Oranges are full of Vitamin C.
  • Quercetin. There has been some information that Quercetin can help if you have COVID, although conventional medicine says otherwise. However, many functional doctors have confirmed that Quercetin can help recovery from COVID.
  • Chicken broth. There has been some science to support that chicken broth can help reduce inflammation of the upper respiratory. Chicken broth is therefore a great aid when you are suffering from coughs.
  • Make a soup with chicken broth and lots of vegetables. Your body needs the vitamins so load a soup up with as many vegetables you can.
  • Water kefir juice. This drink is an absolute must in our house. Whenever we are unwell, we dose up on kefir juice to help increase the number of beneficial bacteria and fight back harmful bugs in our body

Other natural remedies include:

  • Sleeping as much as possible. When we sleep our bodies repair, this is why sleep and rest are vital when you are unwell.
  • When you sleep use a humidifier and some eucalyptus oil to fill the room to help ease breathing.
  • Have a hot bath. Relax your body in a hot bath and add in some lavender and eucalyptus or tea tree oil to help stimulate your lymphatic system.

It’s important to also avoid some things when you are unwell.

  1. Exercise. Stop exercising because you will only stress your body. It amazes me when I hear people have been exercising because they think it will help them. Exercise increases adrenaline, but it also increases cortisol, which can negatively impact your recovery.
  2. Avoid sugar and high-carb foods. When we are unwell, often we want to eat sugar to make us feel better. Try opting for fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of vital vitamins that your body needs.
  3. Stop vaping and smoking. People still continue to smoke and vape when they are unwell. Not only are these habits really bad for you, they will not help you especially when you are unwell. Inflammation in the lungs will be exasperated by inhaling toxins and will prevent your recovery.
  4. Avoid mixing with people. Not only can you spread your illness, but you could also catch something else, so stay away from anyone when you are unwell. Work from home instead.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks. Drinking alcohol will increase the number of toxins in your body, so reducing it can help to reduce toxins too. Fizzy drinks are high in sugar, so it’s best to avoid too much sugar when you are unwell.