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Bone broth for fitness and strength

Bone broth for fitness and strength

Having now included bone broth in my diet for the last two years, I have seen an improvement in my health in general, but also my fitness. Before I started a family I used to enjoy running and working out occasionally in the gym, but rarely did I achieve my fitness goals. It wasn’t until I battled with my digestive problems that I turned to bone broth; hearing great things about how it can help improve the digestive system. As food is our source of energy, and much needed for our life existence, it makes sense that a healthy digestive system can improve health, fitness and general wellbeing. Since including broth in my diet, I have found that my hair is longer, my muscle tone is more defined, and I’ve lost a lot of fat (in fact I am smaller now than I was when I was 14 years old).

So, the curiosity of how this has managed to happen at my ripe old age of 40 got me thinking, can I thank the bone broth for improving my fitness and health? Of course, it helps by improving your diet overall, but is there some secret hidden within the bone broth that can make us all look toned, fit and healthy?

I decided to catch up with one of my earliest customers, Thomas Bluett. He is a loyal customer and has been dedicated to frequent use of the broth, so I wanted to find out a bit more about Thomas and why he includes broth in his diet.

Tom Bluett is the co-founder of Ironmasters Gym in Cinderford. He is an amateur body-builder, personal trainer and nutritionist. Inspired by his father growing up, Tom and his wife Kelly were keen to open a gym in the local area after having to travel over 10 miles to train in a well-equipped gym. Their current business is booming and have received huge support from their local community.

With an intense training schedule, Tom is sure to include bone broth regularly into his diet. Using mostly for cooking, Tom has found that bone broth has helped improve his digestive health; “Bone broth has helped massively with my gut health and all but eliminated IBS, which I have suffered with since my late teens.” Says Tom. “The healthier and better functioning your gut the healthier you are all over. The more food you can digest and assimilate, the more muscle and strength you can build. The two go hand in hand for me. Since I started using bone broth I don’t suffer from any indigestion or heartburn and my IBS has all but gone away after having had it for almost 20 years! I don’t have any joint issues even training with heavy weights for as long as I have. I sleep brilliantly every night and it also helps with skin health and connective tissue strength.”

I asked Tom about what he would say to anyone looking to include bone broth into their fitness routine.

“Do it! So many people have stomach and digestive issues that go untreated and they think they just have to live with them. Bone broth is an amazing, natural way to improve overall health from the inside out.”

Tom’s tips for anyone looking to lose fat

  1. Get your calories in check. This is pretty easy and can be done online with a calorie calculator. Find a good personal trainer who specialises in nutrition and work with them. Try to find a trainer who walks the walk, not just talks the talk!

  2. Increase your “NEAT” – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Basically, energy we use not sleeping, eating or going to the gym. Things like walking to the shops, housework, and running around with your children, all of these things count towards daily NEAT goals. Try simple things like parking your car further away from where you are going and walking the extra distance, always take stairs not elevators. If you do an office job try standing up for 10 mins every hour. Take a 10-minute walk after each meal, this not only increases your NEAT but also aids in digestion and lowers blood pressure. Even “adult time” with your partner counts towards your daily NEAT total.

  3. Start exercising. This doesn’t mean just going to a gym. I own a gym and realise that training in a gym isn’t for everyone. If you want to try using a gym try and find an independent gym rather than a big chain, a big chain gym may be cheaper but you won’t get the kind of help and attention you’ll receive from a well-run independent gym. If the gym isn’t your thing, find a sport you enjoy and go and do it. As well as the physical benefits of regular exercise there are also the less publicised benefits of mental health improvements.

If you are looking for individual advice or support with your nutrition and fitness goals, then you can contact Tom, he offers online coaching, diet and training plan services for those not local, and can be contacted via his Facebook page – or website

As for Tom and his future body-building, he hopes to be competing again next year. Best of luck Tom, and thank you for all the Boil and Broth support 🙂

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