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14-day digestive clean up program

Over the summer months, it’s easy to indulge in some of the less healthy food and drinks such as alcohol and sugary treats; ice cream and other delicious desserts. We often try to counter-balance this by eating less or making salads, but the sugar count can contribute to gut inflammation and an addiction that’s hard to kick. Those feel-good hormones and endorphins make us crave more and as a result, we give in and reach for that sugary treat even though we promised ourselves we would not eat sugar that day. The trick to reducing your sugar addiction is to go completely cold turkey and in this 14-day digestive clean-up program I am going to share with you a short diet you can follow to reduce your sugar cravings and increase your energy.

It’s important to include Boil and Broth products into your program, so as a special one-off offer we are giving away a FREE bottle of water kefir juice when you buy our Large broth pack.


Tips for completing the 14-day digestive clean-up program

  • Be organised. Read the program and then read the program again. You must understand how you are going to do it. Get any meal prep ready on a Sunday or on a day when you have time to prep your food.

  • Don’t buy any sugar treats for the 14 days, or if you cannot do that because of family, then ask your partner to hide them.

  • Start thinking about feeding your gut rather than your mind. Often over-indulgence is because our mind tells us to eat it, but instead of listening to your mind, say NO and remind yourself that your gut is having a rest.

  • Start your water kefir juice on day 4 (drink 100ml per day). Drink your broth daily.

3 rules for completing a 14-day digestive clean-up program

  1. Cut out the following foods completely – gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol

  2. Give your digestive system a 12-hour rest every day. If you eat dinner at 6 pm, then don’t eat again until 6 am. You can have drinks during this time.

  3. Only drink – water, broth, water kefir juice from day 4

This program is a 3-day stint (except the last few days which are only 2.)

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