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Support your local farmers

Support your local farmers

Are you supporting your local farmers?

At British Broth Company, we are proud that we have and will always support British farmers. Never has been such an important time to support farming in your own country, as well as farmers local to you. If we don’t buy local produce, then we will lose the opportunity to do so. Wherever you are in the world, we must all support our own local farm industry by buying produce locally. This is the only way to prevent the death of local farming and stop corporation control!

Globally, there has been for some time an enormous push to reduce farmers and replace important plants and shrubs with crops. Unfortunately, getting rid of important plants and shrubs is having a detrimental effect on our food supply, and also our environment. Plants and shrubs in normal grazing conditions produce healthy insects and wildlife, not to mention the super important mycelium network which is a web of fungi that lives underground feeding and community within the tree and plant life. If you’ve seen Fantastic Fungi, then you’ll know what I am talking about. If you haven’t seen it yet, then it is an absolute must-watch and opens your eyes to the medicinal properties of mushrooms that we are barely even discovering.

Crops are now a main feature of farmland. Living in the UK and driving around the countryside, you can see the countless number of rapeseed fields (these are the yellow paddocks). Rapeseed is grown because it is an ingredient used in many products such as margarine, soap, fried foods, and even oil in jet engines and biodiesel. It has many uses and is grown in enormous amounts, but at what cost to the environment? Rapeseed fields are just one small example of the crops grown, there are many other crops grown to use in foods now sold in major supermarkets around the world.

We are also witnessing an explosion in genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods are simply foods that have been grown with their DNA modified in some way. The WHO explains that these foods can be grown in a way to reduces allergens and removes certain compounds to make them healthier. But, is messing with our environment and food source really the answer to reducing our global health problems?

Another issue arising is the global push to produce lab-grown meat. Yes, that’s right meat grown in a lab. Some of this “meat” (although it’s not really meat), is already sold in restaurants and supermarkets in other countries. A frightening thought of how man is trying to play God, to improve our living conditions. This lab-grown meat will eventually reach the shelves over here in the UK (if it hasn’t already) and will eventually form part of the human diet. I believe we will witness this within the next few decades. I see this because of the way the world is moving and how we have seen a big move for large corporations to take away business from smaller companies. Billionaires are buying huge shares in companies that are producing vegan foods, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have all taken shares in an American company called Beyond Meat as well as companies that are innovative in producing products that are in line with the agenda. It might seem like they are trying to solve the issue of humans eating too much meat, but really much of the issue lies in what we are being told to believe, rather than what are the true issues at hand.

It’s no lie, that we are on a catastrophic course of destruction. By 2050, it is predicted there will be 10 billion people living on the planet, we simply will not have enough resources for all these people. If you’ve seen the documentary Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott, then you’ll know that as a race we are in serious trouble. How will humans survive? And can we really rely on man to save us now? My answer to that is NO because man is the one who has got us into this trouble.

However, we can all do something to help support each other and that is to buy local produce and continue to support British Farming. Please choose to buy your food from local companies. If you are buying online, then make sure you are buying from companies that source their ingredients from here in the UK. If we allow too many companies to continue to buy from overseas, then we will lose our ability to farm and also our commerce. We have no control over our future if we allow imports of less ethically sourced foods, not to mention the issues that will arise when there become import challenges again in the future. It only takes another pandemic, or another war to slow down importing. All this will have a huge impact on our food supply, it already is and is why we are seeing an enormous jump in food prices, but if we all choose to buy our food locally, then we can increase our local economy and empower our British Farmers to continue to trade.