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Obesity – A Global Pandemic

Obesity – A Global Pandemic

Obesity is a health condition that is growing at rapid rates across the entire world. It is the biggest issue in health ever and will always lead to other health complications. Since the COVID lockdowns, we are now seeing an enormous 63% of adults in UK households who now fall into the overweight bracket. What is even more scary is that childhood obesity is up at over 20% of the UK’s childhood population. [1]

Causes of the global increase in obesity

There are many people reasons why people become overweight but some of the reasons are because people have poor access to healthy foods, they may take medication that causes weight gain, a lack of movement, and often people struggle with emotion, particularly depression. The link to emotion and obesity is very strong with statistics now saying that many people who become overweight often become obese due to becoming depressed about their weight and the feeling of hopelessness.

Adults who are overweight often will have overweight children. This is because of the food that is available in the house. It is worse when mothers are overweight, because mothers are usually those who cook in the house, so the preparing of healthy meals isn’t always served to children. Children also learn from their parents, so if there is a lack of exercise of interest in exercise children will not feel inspired to either. Schools are expected to offer PE, but many children who are overweight will want to stay away from changing into their PE kit due to shaming. And with the constant demands of academic teaching, physical education has been lost in schools.

The wicked shame culture we live in

We have become a shameful culture where people are made to feel shame about their weight. Shame also comes when people are constantly presented with celebrities and influencers who look a certain way. This is very apparent on social media where influencers are showcasing their so-called perfect lives to their audience. Sadly, this can have an enormous shaming effect on people of all ages of their lives who have the desire to want to be like someone and idolise the way that person is. As a result, people can fall into a trap where they set themselves unrealistic goals to try to become like someone they admire, yet when they fail, they fall back into unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Governments and GPs are trying to help in some ways whereby governments are creating schemes to get people moving more, and GPs are given access to prescribed exercise classes. Whilst these suggestions are a positive step forward, they are not getting to the real issue of what is going on for people and so much of it is spiritual and emotional.

The rate of obesity has quadrupled in the last 25 years, and it is not getting better. There needs to be radical changes for humans because unless changes are made humans will continue to become sicker and sicker as unhealthy genes are passed down the family bloodlines. Eventually, humans will become extinct, and it will be because people have followed a narrative and have been influenced by the visual temptation and desire to be like something that is totally unachievable. People no longer want to live their own lives but live their lives through fantasy.

What can we really do to change the global obesity pandemic?

Number one! People absolutely must take control of themselves and break away from the chains of seduction and influence.

Addressing the root cause of obesity is a must. The cause of the pandemic is physical, it’s emotional and it’s spiritual.

There are lots of ways to tackle the obesity problem, but people absolutely must want to change their lives. This is tough because so many people have become lazy and are not willing to put in the effort. We are living with generations of humans who demand everything at convenience. People also can have everything delivered to their door, so they don’t even need to leave the house if they don’t want to. Couple this with many people working from home, it is creating a culture of less activity, and everything will come to your home.

Most people have also been taught that when you are sick you must see the doctor and they will give you a pill to make you feel better. This further instils a lack of needing to do anything because someone will do it for you.

Eat better food

Food is a huge problem. People again are looking for convenience, so they will opt for pre-prepped meals instead of cooking fresh. Most processed foods are also laced with fillers, preservatives, colourings, and sugars to make them taste and look good. The damage these additives are doing inside your body is enormous. Stop buying processed foods and start cooking from fresh using vegetables, fruits, grains,

and meats. I often hear people say that healthy food is expensive. It is a shame because so much of food is going up in price, but also people just simply eat too much. If you ate a balanced amount a day, smaller and often, then you would find that you’d eat less and lose weight also. Gluttony is a huge problem in people’s lives, people think you must eat a minimum of three meals a day, and then some more.

Move more

Get up and go for a walk. If it’s raining, then walk in the rain if it’s windy, then battle the wind. Stop making excuses for doing nothing. Be positive about your actions and making a change in your life. If you struggle to get up and move, then ask a friend or loved one to help you. Get them to do it with you or pay for a personal trainer who can motivate you to go to the gym. The gym doesn’t have to be scary. It’s a great way to lose weight. Do a little something every day, consistency is the key.

Emotional health

Emotion is a big one and a huge trap to fall into. People’s emotions have been dumbed down to complete negativity, simply because they spend hours in front of the television watching other people’s lives or scrolling through pointless social media posts watching other people’s lives. A great way to start managing your emotions is to turn it all off. Stop watching the news, stop reading the newspaper and stop wasting hours scrolling through social media. Start thinking about taking positive steps in your life such as physical exercise, eating better and encouraging your family to get involved too.

The other emotional health part I want to mention here is to start thinking about who you are hanging around with. How are they making you feel? Do they put you down and make you feel negative? If yes, then stop seeing them or stop having contact with them. This can be hard if it is someone in your family, so you may need some support with this. It isn’t easy at the moment, because there is literally no mental health support available because the services are so busy, thanks to all the lockdowns and the huge number of people who are suffering from chronic depression. But, there are books out there that can help you and there are groups that you can join too. Spend some time looking into how you can create healthier relationships.

Deepen your spiritual connection with the Creator

Sadly, most people have lost their spiritual connection, so developing a connection to the Creator is paramount in finding peace from within. Prayer and meditation are powerful ways to help you. A new spirit inside you will change everything for you and help you to live in positive ways bringing you an eternal future of peace and happiness. There has become a movement in the last 30 years where people are now worshipping the creation and have become very much about self-worshipping themselves, and this is where so much of the issue lies in the world. The revolution of the digital world has given power to people in the sense that they feel they are more worthy and will only do things for themselves. This teaching is destroying people’s lives because it teaches people that they are powerful and can change everything, but that isn’t true. Sure, you all have free will and can make decisions about how you are going to live your life, but if you truly want to have all that you need, then your Creator is the one who controls and changes everything, so it’s time to ask for help.

Turn off the world and start turning to your Creator. The one who has created you and the one who has designed you and your life.

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