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How to treat Candida

I have a very strong belief that many gut health conditions also accompany a yeast overgrowth too. This is because yeast microbes, also known as the mycobiome, are part of the colony that reside in the gut and they too are affected by lifestyle and environment. I also have strong beliefs that Candida overgrowth can cause an array of severe health conditions that can present themselves later in life if the Candida overgrowth is not controlled. My basis for this understanding is for two reasons; the first reason is that having worked as a carer for the elderly I have seen first-hand how fungus infections are very present in much of the elderly, and secondly a very well-respected Cancer Researcher Chris Woollams has previously said that many cancer victims also suffer from Candida overgrowth. I am now dedicating my own health research to my theories, so that I can share my own findings.

To get rid of Candida you need to starve it. I always say that the best way to kill something is to starve it of food. Candida albicans feed off sugar, that’s sugar itself and anything that converts to sugar. Sugar cravings are very common when someone has a yeast overgrowth and this is because the more the Candida grows, the more food it requires to grow.

There are a couple of approaches you can take to getting rid of Candida. The first is to eliminate all sugar from your diet, this includes fruit sugars. Whilst fruits generally have an array of nutrients important to feeding the microbes in your gut, as well as vitamins, I believe that ingesting fruit sugars (fructose) feeds the Candida before it reaches the rest of the gut microbiome which is found in the large intestine. Candida Albicans live in the gut, but when you have a yeast overgrowth, the Candida grows into the gut lining and eventually penetrates the blood stream. This can be a severe problem, especially if you have a leaky gut, which is often accompanied with gut inflammation.

Getting on the bone broth is important for digestive health. Whilst there is very limited science to support the claims that bone broth can heal gut inflammation and improve digestion, the common theory is that it does do these things. Having used bone broth during my healing and now my every day life, I have first hand experienced the benefits of drinking the broth daily; everything from stronger nails, longer hair, through to better digestion, muscle repair and weight loss.

Adding probiotics to your diet with a particular focus on drinking water kefir juice. I believe that the kefir juice played an important part of my gut healing. There is an abundance of friendly bacteria’s and yeasts present in the drink, 97,000,000 in just 1ml in fact. Therefore ingesting kefir juice daily can help to colonise friendly bacteria’s in the gut. Furthermore, taking a strong probiotic is a good idea around 50 billion CFU daily.

If you are looking for a more structure program with research and further information on Candida, then why not buy my book Be Candida Free. 

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